News for Sailors August 2020

Vendée Globe 2020

Covid 19 does not stop the single handed round the world race "Vendée Globe". The start will be given on 08/11/2020 at13h02 in Sables d'Olonne. One of the favorites, Charlie Dalin participates on Imoca Apivia. His AIS Transponders of brand Logo Weatherdock slogan2017 were supplied by vsail4uVCDsmall .

News for Sailors April 2019

GPS reset on April 6 2019

The GPS network has been put into operation for the US Air Force on January 6 1980. It is based on 24 earth orbiting satellites to supply longitude, latitude and altitude measurements. In addition GPS provides an extremely precise time signal from a number of atomic clocks on board the satellites. The time signals are essential to most of the applications using GPS like navigation instruments.

Since the GPS satellite computers use a 10 bit encoding for the number of weeks, the counters have to be reset after 1024 weeks (2^10) which corresponds to 19 years. The first reset occurred on August 21 1999. Therfore, the next happens on April 6 2019.

For some older GPS receivers this could cause potentially a loss of synchronisation with other systems, resulting in wrong position data.

Before your next outing you should therefore check that your instruments display the correct date.

News for sailors March 2019
The new version of the route planning app easyRoute is on-line in the Menu Applications.
a designed route can be saved on the computer and reloaded later for editing.
The calculated details of the route can be saved as PDF.

News for sailors February 2019

  • The new products of Weatherdock are in our shop.
  • The pilot on harbours and anchorages continues to grow: Ports and Anchorages

Good news for automatic lifewests:

  • since 2019 tall sizes are accepted on flights.
  • but
    • the CO2 cartridges have to go into the hold luggage.
    • the cartridges should be separated from the lifewests.
    • 2 cartridges per person are allowed.

News for sailors January 2019


Sailing in greek waters is no longer for free as from 2nd April 2019 .

The greek governement has promulgated at the end of 2018 the decrees for the laws (Te.P.A.I) , which allow to levy taxes for boats in greek waters. At present the amount has to be paid to the harbor authorities or the customs when clearig in. As of April an online payment should also be possible.

The taxes are as follows:




7 – 8 m



8 – 10 m



10 – 12 m



> 12 m

8 * (m LOA)



They reflect about an eco-tax. It should, similar to the recycling charge for electrical appliances, becharged for the recycling of boats. Presently, they talk about a yearly amount to be charged in addition to the yearly tax for vessels under french flag.