A20000 easyTRX3S-IS-IGPS-N2K
  • A20000 easyTRX3S-IS-IGPS-N2K
  • A20000 easyTRX3S-IS-IGPS-N2K

A20000 easyTRX3S-IS-IGPS-N2K

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Brand : Weatherdock AG

A20000 easyTRX3S-IS-IGPS-N2K

The new easyTRX3 with AIS SOTDMA standard introduces the next generation of AIS Class B technology.
The 5 Watt output power and increased transmission rates of the easyTRX3 improve the navigation and the safety on board.

,,To see and be even better seen!"

The easyTRX3 sets already a new standard for AIS Class B transponders in the base version, featuring one transmitter, two receivers working in parallel mode, integratedGPS antenna, internal VHF antenna splitter and NMEA2000-connection.

With SOTDMA no position report gets lost. Through the AIS Class B SOTDMA technology (Self-Organized Time-Division Multiple Access) the easyTRX3 transmission corresponds to the one of a class A device of the commercial marine. The transmission slots for the next 4 messages are reserved automatically ahead.

The easyTRX3 is always able to send position messages, even in zones with high traffic, since SOTDMA has priority over normal AIS Class B devices with CSTDMA (Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access).

With SOTDMA the easyTRX3 can achieve higher transmission rates in order to increase the visibility on AIS enabled systems and displays.

lntegrated GPS receiver module
The integrated GPS-antenna increases the installation possibilities on board of the easyTRX3-device. Only an electrical power connection and a connection to a VHF antenna are required. This is very handy for all fibreglass and wooden hull boats.

Integrated VHF antenna splitter
Through the standard integrated VHF-splitter, the users are able to operate VHF communication and AIS with the same antenna. No additionnel antenna installation is therefore necessary. A pre-amp reduces the signal attenuation to a minimum.

Multiple connections
The base version of the easyTRX3 comes already with a large number of connections. 1x NMEA2000, 3x NMEA0183 (In/Out) and 1 x USB-plug are available. Additional modules like WiFi or LAN as well as a DVB-T2/FM splitter module are options.


AIS Class B SOTDMA Technology
5 Watt radiated transmission power
Higher dynamic transmission rates (rate dependend)
Connections: NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB

integrated GPS receiver
Internal VHF antenna splitter
Internal Data storage
Programming and data output over USB

without external power supply
Water- and dust protected, robust housing

1 channel VHF tranmitter

2 channel VHF receiver for both AIS frequenzies (161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz)

GPS/GNSS receiver: 72 channel

AIS channel sensitivity: < -112 dBm

Operation temperature: -10° C - +55° C

NMEA Output message: VDM

Protection class: IP67

Transmission power: 5 Watt / 1 Watt



Dimensions (L/B/H): 190 x 135 x 60 mm

Weight: 700 g


AIS IEC 62287-2:2017

Environment IEC 60945:2002

GPS IEC 61108-2003

Prod. safety. EN 60950-1

ITU-R M.1371-5

Homologation: BSH

Artikel-Nr.: #A20000