RLS Rescue Star FL 2000
  • RLS Rescue Star FL 2000
  • RLS Rescue Star FL 2000

RLS Rescue Star FL 2000

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Brand : RLS - Rettungstechnologie GmbH


The same mechanism as the RescueStar® FL 2600 but a smaller framework. Framework of struts opens automatically in the same way as FL 2600
Suitable for ships with freeboard height up to 2 m
Net surface with webbing reinforcements to accommodate up to 2 persons.
Floating rescue disc carries the rescue equipment independently of the (crane) cable, with a floating function (like a buoy).
V-shaped folding system requires little storage space.
Easy to transport on board.
Little storage space.
Removal of the upper stopper produces sliding function of the orange floating rescue disc on the crane leader cable with very high wave compensation.
Two framework struts integrated with cushioned rubber fenders.
Two safety guide ropes prevent the equipment from swinging while being raised.