Vsail4U We sail for you is committed to safety at sea. We are active in the area of professional and pleasure shipping as well as other watersports.

Needless to say that every seagoing person needs a good preparation and should act responsibly to avoid putting herself and others into danger.

However, even though a distress situation can not always be excluded.

Rescue is only possible if you are found.

This requires an adequate equipment to guarantee a rapid and secure rescue of the accidented person. In case of an emergency

  1. a continuous and precise localisation is required. This is only possible with a reliable emergency beacon which sends the GPS position of the person in distress.

  2. The rescue equipment must allow to quickly retrieve and recuperate the person on board without putting her or the rescue crew in danger.

We promote proven products which fulfil these requirements. Also we are trying to find new products to advertise. We are at your disposal for advice and tests.